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We convert an ordinary App

into an extraordinary App.”

How we achieve it?

Creating a mobile application apropiate to  your needs with solutions from multiple tools and technologies that we have.

We apply the Augmented Reality


What is Augmented Reality?

Adding interactive 3D content to your printed graphics with a link that redirects clients to your online store or make your product come to life at the point of sale.

How Augmented Reality works?

Value Proposition

Users of oOmovil apps receive layers of additional – AUGMENTED- information

about products or services that traditional apps can’t provide.


By augmenting reality around a product, service or event, we create a new type of customer engagement that is enriching, memorable and fun.

Augmented Reality Proyects


Displaying your products, services and/or qualities of your company or business, at  conferences, in auditoriums or meeting rooms  using Augmented Reality, keeping the audience’s attention at all times.

Points of interaction

Allows the audience to interact directly with integrated elements in different scenarios with their own hands, movements and gestures.

With a wide range of possibilities in applications  whether interior or exterior such as point of sale, stands, displays or marquees.


Attract, entertain, motivate, interact and surprise your audience with an integrated stand or advertising space.


Enhancing your brand massively.


The market of Augmented Reality will expand from 60 million users to about 200 million from 2014 through to 2018.

- Juniper Research -

Since 2014 the number of smartphones in the world will exceed that of PCs.

- Juniper Research -

Users of smartphones will dominate the adoption of Augmented Reality in 2018.

- (Computerworld).

In 2020, 10 billion people will have a mobile phone.

24 hours a day with your consumer.


Hidden Creative Ltd. developed a campaign

between traditional advertising and advertising with Augmented Reality.

100 parents were shown a traditional display advert for a child's toy.

While another 100 parents were shown the child's toy as an interactive augmented reality.

Each person was then asked two questions:

1. Would you consider buying this toy for a child?

2. How much would you consider paying for the toy?


Download our markers

Print them or view them from another device and enjoy the experience!


Download our APP

to view exclusive content in Augmented Reality.



of parents would buy the toy box with traditional advertising and pay an estimated price of



of parents would buy the toy box with interactive augmented reality and pay an estimated price of


Fuente: Hidden Creative Ltd.

Meet our applications:

Augmented Reality is an essential support in the areas of advertising and marketing. The possibilities of enriching the classical content with virtual information are endless.

- -

“Turn your App into a powerful sales tool for your business.”


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